2 comments on “The Jojo Show: What caused that scream?

  1. Okay, seriously, Jojo? This podcast had me alternately cracking up and wincing. I’m not sure which thing is causing the nightmares since I listened to it – Kasey Casem (now off of the pedestal where he’s been since my childhood) cursing up a g-dammit storm or the image I conjured in my head of the woman licking cotton-candy-like tufts of fur off of her cat. Horrifying! And hysterical.

    Also, thanks for sharing that you are paying for the podcasts out of pocket . . . since many of us probably don’t know how that model works, are you saying that if we share the podcast with enough people and you get a huge swell of listeners, you’ll be able to get sponsors to pay the fees so you can podcast more often? How big do we need to go here? Thousands? Tens of thousands?

    Any local Bmore company in their right mind would jump on this bandwagon now . . . Keep the funny-interesting-fun stuff coming . . .

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