3 comments on “Woman Punches Boyfriend. Why? He Wouldn’t Stop Singing “Thrift Shop”

    • But you’re probably listening to it on your ipad or on the radio, not listening to some drunk guy on the couch saying “I’m gonna pop some tabs” over and over again.

  1. This is NOT a laughing matter and the fact that this is funny to some people is a perfect example of how uneducated our society is on the truth of domestic violence. People think this is funny because of the “reason” why the woman choked her boyfriend. It’s sad to think of how this may be looked at differently if the victim were a woman; people may not find it as “funny”. Domestic violence is not a laughing matter whatsoever in any situation, and that is not negotiable. No one “deserves” to be abused and it’s asinine for anyone to think what she did was OK because the song can be annoying.

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