4 comments on “The Lifespan Of An Average Phonebook Is…

  1. Guess you must be in the 25% of adults that doesn’t use a print Yellow Pages sometime during the year. That’s ok as long as you always have a cell signal or internet connection to get 1.8 million websites back when you do your Google search.

      • Good question. Since I don’t know the specifics of your market I can only assume they are scoped to cover different areas. Many times people live in one area but work 30 miles away. So publishers try to construct a book which best matches the shopping patterns they believe are of most interest. The other reason is that they offer different features in their products. Some have white pages or community pages or coupons, but its no different than having 6 different radio stations or 3 major tv networks — people want/need different options. Over time, the market, people like you will decide which books you use/want and that will reduce the number of books.

      • We refer to it in our house as “Phone Book season”. It lasts from April until June.

        I will give you one point. The internet is very ineffective for finding residential numbers. But with the rise of the cell phone, that point may soon be moot.

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