6 comments on “The Unemployment Chronicles, Vol. 11: Avoiding The Black Holes

  1. I read a blog that looking for a job is like dating. You never know what they want. I admire your tenacity. And your discipline. It could happen to me next week, next month, or next year. Today on Good Morning America they featured a 46 year old job seeker who is working as an intern. And then there is the ad rep who took a job at Starbucks.

  2. Jury duty should make for an interesting blog. Maybe you could beg to be put on a really long trial, that will keep you occupied for a while.

    Also, try not to think of yourself as unemployed. Tell people you’re an entrepreneur and you’re developing a new podcast with national appeal. And then do it!

    If you come up with a catchy, focused theme for your podcasts – like quirky news stories, such as a weekly “News of the Weird podcast!” – it could catch on and start bringing in some advertising bucks for you. Look at Chris Hardwick, he was an unemployed standup comic who started doing The Nerdist, a podcast about geek culture. Now he’s got a couple of books and two TV shows out of it.

    There’s probably some online group for professional podcasters where you can get some leads and ideas on how to market your podcast and sell advertising on it.

    I was a newspaper reporter for years, so believe me, I know about the pain of finding yourself in an obsolete profession in your 40’s and 50’s. Shifted focus, wrote a couple of books that made a little money, now trying to write a third book and also thinking about getting a real estate license. But even when I mostly sitting at home watching Netflix with the cat for a year and a half, I tried hard not to think of myself as unemployed – just “in transitiion.” It’s all marketing – even if you’re only marketing to yourself 🙂

    Also, could you get a different color background for you blog??? This black background is killing my aging eyes!

    • Lynn–

      Thanks for your suggestions. I am looking for ways to take the podcast to the next level. Right now, I have a very small, but dedicated following.

      You’re also right about finding that niche, and the Hardwick example is perfect. Clearly he found the one thing that he loved and expanded on it, I have to find that place. I think I’m coming close. Stay tuned.

      And God bless you for admitting there were days when you succumbed to Netflix and the cat. I feel guilty when I have those days.

      • Now that I have an actual paying job in an office, I kinda miss those days with Netflix and the cat. Although the cat misses them more I guess, since he doesn’t get fed eight times a day.

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