2 comments on “The Unemployment Chronicles, Vol. 12: Staying With The Fundamentals

  1. Being someone who had to find a new job at 54, I can tell you it ain’t easy. However I can tell you to not give up because I took a chance: I took a contract position that was supposed to end after 8 weeks, which turned into 6 months which turned into full time employment. Don’t give up, have confidence in your self and do not let people get you down. I got offered one job because the VP I interviewed with asked me to describe myself in one word, I said tenacious, he said that was his favorite word, unfortunately they wanted me to work for peanuts and I had to decline…..job was with Dreamworks. So hang in there and be yourself, someone out there who is hiring will find all of your unique skills and personality a perfect fit.

    A huge fan.

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