5 comments on “Where’s The Editor When You Need Them? UPDATE: The Intern Did It!

  1. They actually talked to a summer intern at the NTSB who confirmed the names. Not sure how that happened. I assume it was a couple of college kids who pulled it off. One leaking the names to the station and the other, working at the NTSB, confirming the names.

  2. KTVU acknowledges that they failed to ask for the person at the NTSB’s position. The NTSB had earlier declined to confirm the names or provide a list of names, saying that they don’t do that. I suspect that someone gave them a number for a “friend” they had at the NTSB. They called, someone answered “NTSB”, and then confirmed it. A stupid gaffe for sure, but I’m quite sure the intern was not supposed to be confirming anything or likely even handling communications.

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