My name is Jojo Girard, and I am currently unemployed.

For 18 years, I was the morning show host at Mix 1065 in Baltimore.

I have been in radio for over 30 years, also having been on the air in Gaylord MI, Tijuana BC, and Muskegon/Grand Rapids MI

I write this blog more as therapy to give me something to do every day. I also do a twice a week podcast show, which you can access from the blog or by going to my podcast home page.

The podcast show is a mash up of new and old music that I find, mostly from my vast pile of CDs, radio bits from my files, and conversations with my friends and family. I also talk about pop culture and current events that interest me.

My interests include CrossFit, rock climbing (at a very low level), basketball, art, movies, TV, and the spectacle of society.

I am on facebook, twitter, tumblr and LinkedIn.

I reside in Columbia, Maryland with my wife and my youngest daughter, two dogs and a cat named Chet. I have two older daughters who are in college.

5 comments on “About

  1. Jojo
    So terrific to hear your voice again! Hope the analytics on your podcast are revealing growing numbers as your fans find their way back to you.

    I hope that you will be the “silver linings” commentator. I always appreciated you offering a more positive perspective in your previous radio incarnation. Maybe the outpouring you’ve experienced is part of those 26 acts of kindness movement?

  2. What could have transpired that would allow an intern to run the station while supplanting two radio legends???

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